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This is - daily.

On a daily basis I will put one small bit of something on a web page here. That was probably fairly obvious from the unoriginal name.

Sometimes I will write something. In rare cases, it may be brilliant. More likely, it will be nonsensical, uninteresting, and irrelevant to your life.

Other days I will publish pieces of conversations I’ve had, reconstructed to the best of my ability, without any context.

Sometimes, instead of writing, I will post a digital photograph.

Sometimes, for old time’s sake, I will provide a link, followed by commentary about what is found there.

Sometimes, it will be something completely different.

Sometimes, I will miss a day.

At some point, I will start writing long-winded, rambling, personal essays again. They will be published in the usual place, not here.

Any questions?

Yes, you there, in the back.

Isn’t this just some lame rip-off of the new format?

Actually, I originally envisioned it being more like a rip-off of the old thefinger.

What? That doesn’t even make sense. Did you ever even read the finger regularly?

No, not really, but I remember they had that whole daily thing, with like, a finger for each day and…

Whatever. Is this your attempt at a self-important exit from the “weblog community?”

Interesting that you used the double quotes there…

Actually, for narrative flow purposes, I am supposed to be “that guy at the back,” so they wouldn’t have been double quotes, it would really just have been a slight change in the tone of my voice indicating a combination of doubt and disdain about what I was referring to.

Umm… no. Well, yes, in the sense that I’m not running a weblog anymore, but no in the sense that my actions are an attempt to say anything about weblogs as a format or the people who run them.

Will the daily entries always be this self-aware and idiotic?

I hope not.

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