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Crossed Animals

It’s been a tough couple of weeks. I guess it’s been a tough year.

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“Don’t try to write great stuff, just write actual stuff.”

At least that’s what I’ve been trying to tell myself, because I kept drafting and throwing out things for my mailing list and not posting anything on my site because.

Anyway, maybe some of it is salvageable.

Like that time I got upset about the new Animal Crossing.

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I tweeted about it but I delete things too quickly via software. Luckily there’s an archive.

An unorganized, text only archive, because, um, Unix philosophy? I don’t know.

$ grep -i "animal crossing" deleted_tweets.txt | less

i dream of doing my version of “the artist is present” where it’s me streaming animal crossing for 30 days non-stop

That’s not it, keep grepping.

animal crossing is esports

Hard to believe that one didn’t go viral. Also not it. Here we go –

Are we as a people spiritually ready to accept Animal Crossing for mobile into our lives?

i am watching this animal crossing pocket camp video and i’m super concerned


i should not care this much about animal crossing

animal crossing using real currency is some terrifying dystopian shit

couldn’t nintendo have made an animal crossing that wasn’t microtransaction addictionware

you guys think this is a joke but i’m actually pretty serious about microtransactions and real money destroying the feel of animal crossing

Many people then replied to say they know I am deadly serious about Animal Crossing.

If even Nintendo unable to stand against the forces of evil and is going to make microtransaction addictionware for smartphones is there any hope for this dimension.

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