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Solve It Again

If daily was a person it would be eligible to drive this month.

And also probably wouldn’t want to because self-driving cars.

My site would be a terrible driver.

I rewrote my CMS static site generator (this time in Go) because sometimes you solve the same problem over and over again for 20 years slightly differently because some problems are timeless and it’s comforting to asymptotically approach an idealized solution.

$ time python -c trenchant.cfg
real    0m7.023s  
user    0m6.507s  
sys     0m0.437s

$ time fmstatic -build
real    0m0.708s  
user    0m0.553s  
sys     0m0.263s

10x speed improvements seem meaningless to everyone around me (and hardware is cheap) but time is our most precious resource, even if it’s imaginary and on a Linux server.

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