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2016 In Review

I did not write a lot this year.

I hear people saying it was the worst year ever but I think they’re mostly saying they are unhappy with the presidential election because overall I’d much rather be here in 2016 than in 1996 or 1956 and definitely not 1816 and I bet most of the people saying that would agree.

We, as humans, are actually making the world better, overall.

But yeah, it was kind of a weird year! Really weird.

· · · daily turned 15

I turned 36

the economic stagnation, voter sentiment, and other indications mean we should expect to see more outcomes that are at odds with conventional wisdom and establishment predictions soon.

Played a lot of video games:

Quit Twitter

As computation is commoditized, what becomes more valuable? (giant proprietary data sets collected from unwitting humans)

Felt the effects of dropping out of social media

Saw the future through an HTC Vive

Declared social media to be an amoral force of destruction

Started a mailing list thing

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