by adam mathes
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Eat, Tweet, Delete

I turned on a bot that deletes any tweet I make that doesn’t get favorited within 5 minutes.

What does it mean? Why would I do that?

Who knows anymore – the 2015 media landscape is baffling now that I’m no longer in the target demo.

Despite being on the web for nearly 20 years I am not qualified to run my own social media. Maybe? But who else is qualified?


Freer expression followed by audience silence leading to de facto obscurity being equated to self censorship.

Automated curation by community engagement plus robot helpers for a better, more focus group tested, engaging content stream for audience enjoyment!

Withholding labor if I don’t get paid in hearts and stars.

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I’m into bots right now. Try to create a bot positive culture in all that you do on the internet now.

I guess I thought it was kind of funny, as a concept, mostly.

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