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Social Media Trolling

impact of the democratic debate is seeing which people i follow are most easily trolled by incompetent social media interns of republicans

It was weird to come home on Tuesday and check Twitter. I should have avoided it because I didn’t want the Cubs game spoiled.

Instead the chatter about the Democratic debates (for an election that is 391 days away) was ever present. And mostly the soundbites and tweetable moments, not from the debaters but the insane idiotic bullshit from the other party.

social media trolling is the brand advertising of the now. it’s the unescapable visual and noise pollution that permeates our world.

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There’s something terrifying as I increasingly worry the structure of modern social media itself is leading us to an unending cycle of outrage and trolling.

This will be the first US presidential cycle where we see the impact at its fullest and its already scary.

“what’s happening?” trump is ultimate troll. trolls have won. trolling and marketing and advertising converge into this streaming cesspool.

There’s an impulse to look away and retreat. I’m weird in that I have a custom, bespoke self-coded media cocoon of my own design – my own custom coded CMS, quiet and removed from freedback, an RSS reader where every piece of code I understand and my filtering and blocking and experience is exactly how I choose it.

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The trials of adult life are impossible to prepare for.

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