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Quieter Mac Workspace

A few things I’ve been doing to create a more usable work environment in OS X.

Remove Notification Center From Menubar

I find notification center annoying. To remove it entirely from the menubar -

$ launchctl unload -w /System/Library/LaunchAgents/

Kill Dashboard

Also annoying, also able to remove it.

$ defaults write mcx-disabled -boolean true
$ killall Dock

Run A Tiling Window Manager

I’ve started to use (sometimes) a tiling window manager. This can take a little bit of ramp-up time and getting used to, and may feel a bit claustrophobic at times but overall I’m liking it for task-centric computing work.

I’ve been using Amethyst. (See also xnomad and xmonad)

Remove Drop Shadows

If you’re using a tiling window manager things generally look better without drop shadows. I’ve been using toggle-osx-shadows to turn them off.

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