by adam mathes
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The Ambient Social Network

How do we repurpose the apparatus of constant connectivity into something useful for normal people instead of a tool for terrifying surveillance?

I have no idea but I’ve always wanted a social network that captured and compared my computer usage and presence in broad strokes.

Basically an ambient presence social network that measured things like:

  • keystrokes
  • mouse movement
  • network traffic
  • processor/disk usage

All in broad metadata-only ways to give a very granular idea of “activity” and display that in realtime to your close friends. (Like an audioscrobbler, but for activity instead of music.)

ALSO: compare your typing/mousing/whatever over long periods of time to your friends. (Could be extended to do mobile analytics too, but would be tough technically, especially on iOS.)

A practical application is “when do you bug people” – don’t bug people when they are in a “flow state” based on the activity, bug them in a slump time. And be smart enough to even suggest based on historical data when that is – most people probably have daily routines.

The more nefarious application is as a “productivity monitor” but whatever, that’s boring and already exists.

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