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Marvel Unlimited's Stop Sign User Experience

After a couple days of use of Marvel Unlimited, I’m still really excited about it.

The biggest problem I’m having with it is the end of issue experience. When you finish an issue in Marvel Unlimited, you’re stuck. It’s like a huge stop sign.

After swiping past the last page of Wolverine #1 (the original 1982 mini-series) you are presented with the following:

This is a modal dialog that has a summary of what you just read, that you have to close before “backing” out of the issue and navigating through the application to find the next thing to read. (Which is unfortunately often slow and requires loading data from the servers.)

What you should be presented with is a call to action to keep reading by advancing to the next issue in the series. Or, if they want to get fancy, options for the next issue in another ordered set – an event chronology, a curated “best of” starter list, recommended reading, etc.

Comics like this aren’t meant to be accessed randomly, the whole point of having access to this back-catalog is to delve deeply into these archives and be able to just keep reading. These are serials – yet the app doesn’t support easily reading through a serialized story.

After finishing an issue in Comixology, you are presented with this:

“Keep Reading” as the primary call to action, along with a few other suggested next steps. A much better experience.

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