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Filming is Editing

Vine is a new service that was launched last week, along with an announcement that it was owned by Twitter now.

The service allows you to create short videos on your phone, like this.

wfh: work from hot tube

Filming, Editing, Cutting

The key difference between similar “twitter of video” services is how you record and edit video – you hold your finger down to record, and lift it to pause. This essentially allows “editing” of jump cuts as you create the video, but all in a single step.

There’s no facility for editing in post.

Filming becomes editing.

This is pretty brilliant and I don’t think I’ve ever seen any software work that way before.

Much in the way filters were the “hook” for Instagram to easily add a level of creativity and coolness to otherwise mundane cellphone photography, the short, looping jump cut video creates a quick “animated gif” like experience without the hassle.


The rest of the app follows the rubric created by Instagram and other modern social apps (stream, comments, likes, push notifications, unidirectional follow model, etc.) that all work well enough out of the box to rapidly grow the network.

The most annoying aspect of the launch was auto-following the editor’s choice videos, which I seemed to get rid of before the porn showed up.

The emerging anti-pattern of auto-subcribing new users overzealously (especially if they can follow friends via social network connections easily) still drives me nuts. I recently created a new Tumblr account and it also does this. Infuriating.

Random Observations

Things that have struck me so far:

  • Loading of videos – even tiny ones – is slow compared to images. Not sure if this is growing pains or inherent
  • Launching with the wind of Twitter behind them has grown the network more rapidly than anything I’ve used since Instagram
  • The time to “follow spammers” on a new network after launch is down to about 24 hours
  • Videos are stored as mp4s on s3, easily mirrored from a command line for backup (as of now)
  • It’s fun but I may not use it

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