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Top Priority - Single Task Management and The Awareness Of Time

My latest minimalist iPhone app Top Priority - The Single Repeating Task Reminder is now available. Screenshots and more information..


To use it, enter one task and your phone will chime on the hour to remind you of it.

When marked complete, there are fireworks.

There’s a few options – it can remind you more often, repeat tasks, change backgrounds – but that’s the gist of it.

It’s not so much the details of the software itself that matter as how its usage can impact you.

Task Management Is the Enemy

My theory on complex task management software and schemes is that they are wrong for me. And maybe even wrong for humans, on some basic level. Complex task management software and elaborate prioritization schemes are forms of procrastination. They are ways of not doing things, of taking them out of our heads and placing them somewhere else. You write these long lists of things because they aren’t all going to get done, and in your frenzied activity you want to see what you are missing and completing and what is slipping because there’s just too much.

I used to live like that, in a highly frenetic job, and had lists and lists of things. For the last few years I’ve tried to change that, and do fewer but better things.

The reality is we can do one thing at a time.

What I find actually helps me as a creator is to focus on one thing a day – and that act of focusing and prioritizing dramatically changes my mindset.

Fostering Focus and Awareness of Time

The big difference between this and my previous Mac App DoOneThing beyond a new platform is the hourly chime, and the background color that changes based on time of day.

I had worried that the reminders would be annoying, cloying, but something else happened as I began to use it.

The physical presence of the task in my pocket, the vibrate and chime, and the changing sky backgrounds combined to make me view time differently – to be more aware of the passage of time and my work within that constraint. I hope that the software can help foster that feeling and be helpful for others.

Our phones can distract us; Top Priority is a tool to build awareness and focus.


$1.99 for iPhone and iPad.

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