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Shorter Notgames Need Notconsoles

If consoles had allowed -or indeed, if they would start allowing not- videogames to grow into its own form of entertainment for many different tastes, they would not find themselves in the current pitiful situation where games on phones or web sites are stealing away their audience.

Consoles are not casual play devices, they are media centers. Videogames on consoles don’t need to be shallow, throwaway fun. When I’m sitting down in my comfortable chair, I am relaxed and I have a few hours to dedicate to entertainment, hit me with all you’ve got! I want spectacle, I want emotions, I want to be immersed, absorbed. I want to care, I want to be involved. And I don’t want to collect spinning coins, match colored blocks, or shoot hordes of zombies. I want substance!

Michaël Samyn, A new future for videogame consoles? Notgames blog

I agree with this piece would love to see more non-games that are shorter, emotionally impactful, substantive experiences.

But related to yesterday’s thoughts on the new technological mediators, consoles, due to the high barriers of entry and critical selection process to distribute games on them, are probably the least likely platforms for innovations in interactive media to occur.

The PC and mobile devices are probably where these things can get out to the public and find a supportive audience, even if they are not as well suited as a living room console for the experience.

Maybe the only way to save console gaming is to replace the consoles with ones that enable anyone to publish to them?

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