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Questions for XOXO

XOXO Festival is later this week.

This has been what I’ve been thinking about in regards to it.

Over the past 15 years the web has dropped the cost of distribution of cultural products closer and closer to zero, and removed the barriers.

This opened up the world to voices that would never be distributed otherwise through traditional media sources.

But the “real” money and prestige was often still through those old media sources.

The web was sometimes used as a “farm league” to get into the “real” distribution channels by finding your success and audience without the support of old media distribution.

What’s interesting in the past few years is what happens when it’s the other way around.

What happens when the big media outlets are a farm league for fans to decide who to support directly?

What happens when the “real” money is through self-distribution?

What is changing in our culture as a result of these trends?

Will we just get new technological gatekeepers that fill a similar role as the old media distributors?

Are they better, worse, or just different?

(I don’t know. But it’s interesting to think about.)

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