by adam mathes
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WHAT IF Consumating Had Stayed Independent?

This weekend Ben and I were talking about what might have happened if had stayed independent and not been acquired.

Would it have become something more like OKCupid?

Would it have become a viable ad supported business, the Metafilter of nerd/hipster dating/social networking?

Would we have found a way for users to support it directly?

Would consumaters have eventually thrown “consumeetings” across the country, beyond just NY and SF, and grown the userbase around more hubs?

Would it have slowly flamed out into obscurity? (Probably.)

But we’ll never know.

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Regardless, it’s long since past the time when the next generation of “cool” web sites to hang out on begun to gain traction.

The young people of today are not going to want to discover themselves and their identity by spending time on Facebook and Twitter, anymore so than I wanted to spend time on the sites that were popular with “old people” (people my age now!) when I was younger.

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