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Less Consumption Of Junk

I began this year with the following proclamation:

Less consumption of the bad; more production of the good.


I have been trying, with varying amounts of success, to eliminate the junk in various aspects of my life.


Decommodify is about my journey in applying this to physical objects though I have decided to write less about the problems with things and instead focus on awesome things.

I only wish I was writing more for it, I have a great piece in mind about my vacuum cleaner.


I went through my closet and filtered out all the things that no longer fit me (due to weight loss) or were stained and made me look like a schlub.

(And it turns out I need new dress shirts since most of mine are stained or too large.)


I have been trying to eat more natural foods.

I have (finally) eliminated soda from my diet. This has been very difficult.

Bringing back the habit of weighing myself every morning has helped me to really understand the implications of the daily choices I make.

Media Consumption

A next step is to try and focus on removing junk from my media consumption.

Less filler. More substance.

Distractions I have identified as junk to give up:

  • News web sites (all)
  • Cable news (even Hardball)
  • Hacker News
  • Twitter

Those last two will be difficult.

I have already given up:

  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn

I plan to focus my consumption efforts on:

  • neko (improving my custom RSS reading system)
  • Reading comic books on my iPad

Content Creation

I haven’t updated the stats but for the most part I have been successful in eliminating content creation for platforms other than my own web site. (And Twitter.)

My content creation efforts are focused where I want them to be – not where the shifting tides of corporate web audiences pull them. (Except Twitter.)

The frustrating part is how much less “reach” this site has compared to the (in my opinion) lower quality activity I still put on Twitter.

More Production

Although I’ve managed to post regularly to this site again, I have not necessarily produced outside of it as much.

Decommodify is not regularly updated.

There’s a ton of work to do on pixodes.

I keep thinking about writing a book on “expression through rapid software development” but have not made substantive progress. It’s a topic I think a lot about, have some experience with, and would like to help others understand.

In these things as well, I need more focus, less distraction.

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