by adam mathes
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The Most Precious Resource

Time is our most precious resource.

It’s important to remind myself of that, and it’s the first step in recognizing the good from the junk.

As I wrote yesterday, I’m trying to focus myself.

I’m trying to identify what is junk and what is not.


If after an activity, I feel like I have not accomplished anything, felt anything substantive, learned something new, expressed something significant, it is probably junk.

Junk is the stuff of idling.

The things between the important things. The distractions while waiting. The stuff of procrastination.

Junk is the autopilot.

Junk is the opposite of mindfulness. It is the haze of being busy without effect.

Junk is cutesy.


Learning why or how things work. (“Focusing on learning the shocking what is the distraction junk news.)

Something that inspires me to make better things.

Games that make me feel differently or stretch my mind in unanticipated ways.

Quality is beauty.

Or Not

I think the point is we all know the difference for ourselves and our own needs.

The important thing is not to waste time on the junk.

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