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Embracing Change

But somewhere in between that new iPad, the unserviceable laptop non-story, and that idiotic comment about the new Retina displays something in my brain snapped. I give up. I surrender. The war is over. I can’t care about this stuff anymore. Getting annoyed at the pace of technology is fruitless for me. Being cynical about any new bit of technology that doesn’t fit into my view of how stuff should work has been a dragging anchor in my life.

Andre Torrez, i give up

Last week the video card in my aging “gaming” PC died and in my feeble attempts to figure out what to replace it with I decided that the machine may no longer be worth the hassle. Maintaining a Mac and PC, hardware to allow switching between the two, etc is just a drag.

I’m pretty sure I’m just going to replace it all with a Retina MacBook Pro and Thunderbolt Display and be done for a few years.

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