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The big video game releases have felt particularly weak this year so I’ve been playing a few more indies.

There’s some good stuff discounted via Because We May, some of which is below.


Stacking ★★★

Adventure games don’t die, they just get recast as children’s games? Enjoyable and clever puzzles, adorable art and scenery.(I got bored during the cutscenes.)

AaaaaAAaaaAAAaaAAAAaAAAAA!!! for the Awesome ★★★★

This first person “base jumper” has shocked me with how amazingly fun and visceral the falling through levels mechanic is.

Dear Esther ★★★

I played the original version of this and really enjoyed it so wanted to support the commercial “real” retail version, and in general I always want to support Not Games.

I remember the original being scarier and more interesting – maybe it was the novetly – this time I became incredibly impatient and used console commands to make my character walk faster.

I’d like to think there’s something profound in a game that drives me to cheat, but the reality is more like Dear Esther is a great piece of work that just isn’t for everyone and demands more of a player than most interactive entertainment.


I bought this based on some positive reviews but have been incredibly bored by it and lost interest after a couple hours. I love the concept of visual storytelling and the lack of verbal/textual communication but in practice I find it too hard to connect to it as an adventure game with characters and story. It feels just like a very simplistic point and click puzzle thing.

Rainbow Six Vegas (0 stars)

I bought this on Steam since it was on sale and it won’t run at all on Windows 7 but instead of trying to get my money back I’m just going to complain about it here.

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