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Aging And Interface

Ian recommended Galaxy On Fire 2 to me due to my love of Wing Commander. I rarely play iOS games because I find the lack of physical controls a problem but decided to try it. And while today’s retina graphics have come a long way compared to low resolution sprites of yesteryear, my inability to control the ship significantly hampered my enjoyment since I kept getting blown up.

How do you ever keep your thumb in the right place? How can you even see with your hands covering the screen like this?

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I remember exactly when my family got a Nintendo Entertainment System and my father said it was “too complicated” compared to the Atari 2600 due to all the buttons.

How would anyone know what button to press? How can you react that fast? He was flummoxed.

So apparently I’m getting old and am unable to as quickly adapt to new interface paradigms, and I should have expected this, really.

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The previous entry was a two week late birthday message to myself. Happy birthday, me.

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