by adam mathes
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Bookshelf Rules

I have a lot of books.

I’ve been trying to overcome my packrat nature and have been slowly getting rid of excess things. It’s hard.

But books? Books are so great! Why would I ever get rid of a book?

What I’m saying is I’m all out of shelf space. And have been for a while. And have been doubling up the books on the shelves. And things are piling up.

Something had to be done. So I created some new rules.

Shelf space is now precious. It must be earned.

To earn a place on the shelf a book must be:

  • Read
  • An object I want to keep for decades

Books that are unread go in the unread stack. Pile. Two piles now that it fell over. (That part didn’t go that well.)

The point is books that are unread can not go on the shelf.

Half-read books that have been sitting there for years must be read or gotten rid of.

Books I never intend to read: to be donated.

Books that I do not intend to keep for decades must go.

I ended up donating a lot of books.

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