by adam mathes
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Through The Lenses of The Future

“You have to understand how important personal responsibility is in the future. You need to prepare yourself.”

“Ok, give me an example.”

“Like, say someone wearing augmented reality goggles has a virtual ad overlay obscure their vision while they walk into the street and then he gets hit by a car. Is the driver or pedestrian at fault?”

“Um. What about the ad-filled goggles?”

“Trick question! It’s a self-driving car.”

“Wait, what? How is that a trick question? Is the future stupid? Why are you wearing goggles with ads that obscure your vision? And wouldn’t the pedestrian sue the car owner? Or the company that made the car? Or the goggles?”

“Sure, but the entire legal system has been replaced by justice dispensing synthoids, which has made lawsuits much more common. I’m involved in like 9,093 lawsuits right now. No, wait, 9,094 as of just now, something about improper use of timestreaming. Anyway, it’s not a big deal. It’s a mild inconvenience – like a sneeze to you.”

“You haven’t solved sneezing yet?!”

“No, no, we have. I meant a sneeze in your time. In our time sneezing has been eliminated with genetic manipulation. That’s why we have these mucus emitting tails.”

“The future is gross.”

“Yeah, but, you don’t even notice with the goggles on.”

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