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Slow Notes


Delayed personal publishing.


We are nearing the logical conclusion of tools optimized for the “stream” – small bits of disposable information posted without editing (Twitter, instagram, pinboard.)

Innovations have been focused on lowering the bar for posting frequently (starting with Blogger in 1999), creating an audience through asymmetric subscriptions on-site (Delicious/Flickr ~2003 as pioneers then Twitter/Facebook/Tumblr ~2007 taking it mainstream), moving away from quantitative analytics like pageviews to non-verbal qualitative feedback (favorite/like economy). Little focus has been put on the editing process, introspection, timing, or refining ideas.

Create a writing environment/community to encourage creation of more substantive output.


One post published per week per author. Author can edit it throughout the week. (Social network attached gets early access and edit privileges?) Gets “published” at a specific time later in the week.

No edits after, only delete.

(Notes for another site I haven’t gotten around to making yet, but it was one of the possible directions I was thinking of for

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