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Fez Review

Fez is beautiful and wondrous for what it does and what it leaves out.

Fez is a recognition that the best parts of The Legend of Zelda, Metroid, Castlevania, and other early adventures were the joy of discovery in a new world and the the satisfaction of solving the riddles of that world.

The weakest parts – the filler – were the combat, difficult platforming. Mistakes leading to death and requiring the drudgery of repetition.

So Fez leaves that all out and it only does the adventure. It only does the discovery. It only does the puzzles.

This is brave. And it works because it does those things so tremendously well.

Fez doesn’t contain any filler. It doesn’t need any.

Fez creates this beautiful, touching, amazing world to explore, and gives you a unique gameplay mechanic to manipulate that world. And it does all of it with some of the most beautiful pixel art ever created, and an outstanding chiptune soundtrack.

All of it, in a sense, a love letter to the best of games and what games do best.

Highest possible recommendation.

Fez, Polytron Corporation, XBox Live Arcade. 800 Microsoft Points, ~$10USD.

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