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Appreciation Culture

This emphasis on performing the role of “someone who’s into music” as opposed to actually listening to music (or watching a music video) is at the core of not only Pants and MTV’s 21st-century programming strategy, but of “music appreciation culture” (blogs, social media, party photographers’ galleries from secret shows like the aforementioned Wavves gig) as well. When Jason exclaims, “What a fantastic email this is going to make tomorrow!” as he heads toward home with a girl who’s got her backside in the air and her frontside in the fridge, he might as well be live-tweeting a concert—he’s simultaneously in the moment and removed from it, wondering how his descriptions of it after the fact will reflect on his profile, unconsciously keeping himself from being completely immersed in the fun he’s having.

Kate Richardson, MTV Accessorizes Itself With Music On I Just Want My Pants Back [via maura]

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