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I’ve spent this week in Austin, working with my friends at XOXCO on some consulting.

Ben is back to journaling every day and as he wrote earlier this week, it is really great for us to be working together again. We’ve worked on a lot of stuff over the years that we’re very proud of (Deepleap, Uber, Consumating, and more) and regardless of the outcomes we’ve always had fun. So it’s no surprise I had a really positive experience working this week with him and Damien and Katie.

I’m also very excited about a project I’m cooking up with Bleep Labs that based on discussions this week should come to fruition a little later this year. It will be a combination of software, hardware, product design and art into a really impressive output. (If it works. But it will totally work!)

AND I got to see Dakota and Sean and the rest of my friends here, listen to Music Learning Club, eat delicious barbecue and food truck delights, and experience 80 degree weather in February.

So I got to do almost all of the things I look forward to about this time of year for SXSW interactive, but without without any of the annoyances!

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