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2012 in Daily Entries


Resolved that 2012 was the year of the return to proper blogging, banished save buttons, rewrote the software behind this site again, launched textagon for ios, made a large cosmetic change here.


Pixelpixxed, celebrated President’s Day, daily turned 11, consulted, visited Austin.


Wrote about product integration, got a retina iPad, again inspired by Haughey, started pixodes.


Analyzed my personal publishing over the past decade, bought a Fuji X-Pro 1, quit Instagram, released ekko, loved Fez, switched to my own RSS reader.


Realized we all get the internet we deserve, quit most services except Twitter, ate breakfast.


Advertising is Warfare For Our Minds, shared some of my philosophy on product management, predicted failure for Win8/Surface, was reminded the future still can’t catch up to the internet’s past.


Ate more fruit, cut out the junk, tried to identify junk, simplified my computer setup, bought a Macbook Pro with Retina Display.


Visited Michiana with Lisa, visited the Computer History Museum, visitied Williams Street.


Watched the Phoenix Wright movie, went to XOXO Fest.


Got rid of a lot of stuff, packed, moved, focused on the important thing. Started wearing slippers.


Loved tagless clothes, distinguished between web presences and web sites, remembered money is free in the new economy, had a memorable Thanksgiving, started the next big project.


Watched the Lost Steve Jobs Interview, got new underwear, advised doing less faster in your software, explained how the dream of the early web came true.

I wrote a daily entry every weekday this year, so there’s a lot more than that.

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