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2013 Experimental Planning

At the start of 2012 I quantified my personal publishing output across services in order to better optimize my output and time. I’m working on a year end follow-up with this year’s data, coming soon.

In 2013 I am considering some other analysis, experiments, and adjustments. These would be temporary, intended to try and understand things better. Some of the experiments I had in mind:

Native app immersion

No reading web sites, only read through dedicated native applications to to better understand what works and doesn’t. And what I miss about the web.

Ad Supported Cleanse

Cease using any ad-supported products and media. This would be really tough to execute but would probably be pretty interesting.

Twitter Turnoff

Twitter is the last of the ad supported personal publishing mechanisms I post to and my “exception” to the rules. I’m thinking of giving it up for a larger period of time.

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