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Glitched Out

Glitch is closing.

First of all, probably the classiest “closing” of any web site I have ever seen.

And it’s sad to see Glitch close, but given that I was a beta user and after an initial burst of activity haven’t logged on in a year, I’m part of why it’s closing.

My personal analysis of Glitch is that it just wasn’t a place I wanted to hang out and return to, so I didn’t.

What I imagined Glitch to be was a magical ever expanding world full of new beautiful things to explore and new things to learn and do, but in reality it ended up feeling a little more like grinding through an RPG without enemies. (I grinded until I bought the house I wanted then abruptly stopped.)

(Also, I’m not good at playing with others, which I think was a huge part of me not being that into it. And Flash meant it wasn’t usable on an iPad or iPhone, which is probably where it would have been more useful in this era.)

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