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Better Publications

I still want to see an independent tech weblog that covers the many startups and subjects I never see listed on the current tech blogs. I hate seeing a glowing post about some new startup and know the writer and CEO regularly joke with each other on Twitter. I hate when a popular startup is given a pass because most of the writers attended the founder’s bachelor party or got an exclusive on a new feature.

Andre Torrez, Backdoor Deals

It’s like the difference between writing about politics and writing about policy.

What we need is more smart writing focused on technology and software rather than the spectacle of it all interspersed with the casual celebratory repetition of press releases, and written by those with domain expertise in software, technology, and product design.

This rings true in all sorts of disciplines, in all kinds of journalistic coverage.

The implicit, underlying assumption of much of journalism is that reality isn’t interesting enough, or comprehensible enough on its own. It needs to be reinterpreted through storytelling with a bias towards conflict, personality, stereotype, conventional wisdom and other tropes that make what is boring and unfamiliar to the writer more palatable to a large audience.

The difference is with the internet, we don’t have to tolerate it anymore.

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