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Calm To Go

CalmDown is now also available for iPhone.

It also was written up on LifeHacker and suggested as a tool to deal with acute stress in What Stress Actually Does to You and What You Can Do About It

Dealing with Acute Stressors: If the stressor is acute and temporary, Dr. DeGroat suggests applying simple relaxation techniques like deep breathing, to calm the mind and the body so you can get the clarity you need to address the situation. He proposes taking a 10-second breathing cycle: breathe in for four seconds, and then out for six seconds. “Works as a thought distraction,” he says, “as well as physically slowing down heart rate. This is a good technique to use anytime and anywhere.” Photo by Shawn Rossi.

Previously mentioned app CalmDown for Mac is a utility designed just for situations like this: it encourages you to take a deep breath (or a few) so you can step back from the stressor for a moment, gather your thoughts, and push through the fog of frustration and anger that often come with stressors.

I’m working on another minimalist Mac App this week tentatively called DoOneThing.

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