by adam mathes
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Please Breathe and Relax

My first simple Mac stress relief app is now available in the Mac App Store..

Our computers bring us a range of information, tools, and utilities that evoke a wide range of emotions. Sometimes these things are stressors.

The email that makes your blood boil. The troll comment marring a new blog post. The social network fake followers trying to spam their products.

These things come into our lives on the computer and our bodies and minds can’t help but react.

Calm Down is a very simple attempt to have an antidote to some of these things. Your computer is there to calm you, not just stress you.

When things on your screen seem like just too much, it’s there to fade out your screen, and slowly pulse in a way to help you focus on breathing and relaxing yourself.

Hopefully reminding you there’s a larger world outside whatever was on the screen.

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