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What Does 10 Years Mean?

trenchant daily turns 10 tomorrow.

I feel a swell of emotions.

(Sorry to be all sappy.)

Most of all I feel very grateful to be alive in this time, and this place, where I got to come of age with personal computers and the web, which has so transformed my life in ways I could never have even imagined.

10 years ago nobody was celebrating 10 year personal home page anniversaries.

20 years ago that wouldn’t have even made sense to talk about.

30 years ago when I was born these things were hard to even conceive of.

Memories that flood back to me as I think of this:

Figuring out how to use MS-DOS on my first 286 when I was 7 and typing my first programs in GW-BASIC.

EMM386 and squeezing enough memory out to play Wing Commander.

Spending hours playing adventure games and space combat simulators.

Surfing the web for the first time in 1994 in the basement of a library at Stanford when I was 14.

Being a teenager and reading over a modem in 1995.

FTPing my first ugly website to my local ISP in 1996.

Using Unix (on an expensive Sun workstation) and compiling my first C programs in 1997.

Installing Linux for the first time on one of my own computers in 1998.

Using PINE over Telnet in college and responding to emails at lightning speed.

Finding weblogs and personal publishing in the late 90s. Struggling to find a voice and communicate and meet new people over the web.

Starting my first blog on Stanford servers.

Using in 1999 and feeling like I was at the forefront of a sea change in publishing and communication.

Buying my first domain name in 2000.

Working on Deepleap with Ben and Bryan

Creating Uber with Ben and Dakota and co.

Launching Uber Personals and tailing the access logs and watching as we got our first users.

Creating Consumating and watching the amazing community that grew out of it.

Getting a job at Google and working on digital Books

Seeing Steve Jobs present the first iPhone in person and thinking I got to live in the future.

Going from concept to launch on websites all by myself in days rather than weeks or months this past year.

All the friends I’ve made that I’d never have met if it weren’t for the web and all the writing and creating that happens on it.

My life has been profoundly effected by the technological age I am experiencing in very positive ways.

I’m glad I’ve been keeping at this in various ways in a single thread on this site for 10 years.

Thank you for reading.

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