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Did You Get That Thing I Sent You

has this ever happened to you

“No, art like that view to corrupt thing.”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“What?! I just wrote about that last week. On my website.”

”…uh yeah. I mean, I guess I missed that one.”

Uhoh, Your Friends Don’t Read Your Website

You spend hours “blogging” or creating projects or whatever and then the next time you see your “IRL” friends they have no idea what the hell any of it is.

Because they aren’t like, total nerds.

Isn’t there a better way?


“Hey, my site has an RSS feed! You can just subscribe to updates and then you won’t forget to check it.”

“What the hell is RSS?”

“It’s like, an XML format originally for site syndication that allows you to get updates in a feed reader.”

“What does any of that mean?”

“You know, honestly, I don’t even know anymore.”


“Ok, never mind that. Can you read email?”

“Like, Facebook Mail, or regular email?”

“I refuse to dignify that with an answer. Just enter your email address here to subscribe and you’ll get an email when I update.”

Happy Endings

“You shouldn’t eat cheese fries.


“You wrote about eating cheese fries. I got an email about it! That’s unhealthy! Think of all the choleserol!”


Make RSS So Easy It Disappears

So that’s the concept behind mail me daily, which I launched last week in alpha.

I’m trying to make rss and subscription so easy it disappears for publishers and readers.

If you’d like to try adding it to your site to help your readers “subscribe” to your site’s RSS feed by just entering an email address, let me know.

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