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Meanwhile, On the Internet

In violation of the self imposed site regulations the following material was posted elsewhere on the internet earlier this week by me. It’s ok you didn’t miss much.

Scott Pilgrim’s Precious Little Failure

I know Scott Pilgrim bombed at the box office, and honestly, I know it probably deserved to given how inaccessible the movie was to like, every possible demographic and how they gutted the actual romance and character development of the comics and instead just focused on CRAZY ACTION WHOOHA but can we all just agree to love Scott Pilgrim still anyway? Here, have some awesome animated gifs from the video game.

Mathowie, Big Time Blogger

I want this on a shirt.

I Want To See That Movie

dakotasmith: SMITH AND WIGGIN
dakotasmith: it’s a movie about how i think will smith and i are brothers dakotasmith: and in a cop buddy movie
dakotasmith: staring wiley wiggins
dakotasmith: as me

then me and will smith throw a CRAZY PARTY

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