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New self-imposed site regulations

Over the past five years I’ve fractured my publishing across a variety of different tools and sites, leaving the simplicity of the “one something a day on my own domain” behind.

This, I now realize, has been a huge mistake.


Back in 2001 there was daily and that was it.

On a daily basis I will put one small bit of something on a web page here.

At some point I added a photos section that nobody cared about.

Then Shit Happened

By 2010 I was posting to:

Flickr, for all photos. This basically removed the occasional “good” digital photograph as entry type on in 2005.

Tumblr, for “blogging.” This subsumed the “extended quote” and “random image” entry types on in 2007.

Delicious, for links, sometimes. (Single small links without commentary were never much of a staple of the site though.)

Twitter, for lots of unedited short stuff.

This left essays and longer text content to

The whole thing was spliced together at

The Olden Days

In the olden days, trenchant daily just used to do all of these things.

That was better, in the sense that I liked it more, and worse, in the sense that centralized services have done a better job of establishing “audience” - mostly due to the fact that they actually figured out how to make subscription and identity sensible and easy while the rag-tag bunch of decentralized RSS nerds didn’t.

But whatever, fuck audience (not you, you’re great, please keep reading!) and I’ve had enough of these giant web services and the idea of “user generated content” or whatever. I could auto-cross-post but that would be a dick move.

The other thing is that these web services provided targeted tools for specific content types, and just generally removed friction from the publishing process. I’ve mostly replicated the parts of that that I think are important in my own publishing system now, so hopefully that shouldn’t be an excuse.

The most important thing any person can do in this world is get back to their blog. In my opinion.

New Regulations

And as of 2010 it’s ok to say I blog, so, I’m getting back to it again.

The new new is going to be:

  • trenchant daily, for basically everything textual, bloggish, and pictorial that is Good
  • Flickr will house other photographs
  • Tumblr will be used for the sort of crap that used to be on Twitter, as a dirty pleasure, sometimes.
  • Twitter will be used only when I’m pooping.
  • Online discussion will be with pre-approved parties only.

This is a promise from me to you.

(I haven’t decided what to do with the front page yet, but it’ll probably change soon.)

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