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2010 Outputs

Things I made in 2010:

4uhm – realtime image board. Awesome, sort of. Includes unicorns, may never actually launch to the public. I alternate between loving it and never really being happy with it.

kubelet – collect and share groups of six images. Fizzled in days.

view2corrupt – art project where my photographs become more corrupted with each view.

[footage not found] – endless inkwell is the blog platform that publishes this site. It is not safe for human consumption.

mailmedaily – boring but functional rss to email service. Has run pretty much continuously without issue since written (for its small user base.)

textagon – cool looking resized texts as verses. Weird. Have not figured out how to help it find its audience.

imagesoak – reformats the web into a stream of images. It’s pretty OK sometimes.

endless i/o [trailer]– proof of concept based on notes about “file blogging.” Drag files and folders to a magic folder, blog magically happens. Unlaunched: not usable by normal people yet.

I made some other things too but overall I guess I re-learned how to very rapidly create and deploy web sites by myself again.

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