by adam mathes
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The new Windows Phone 7 ad campaign is probably one of the most terribly genius ever conceived.


Finally we can revolt against the “annoyance” of cell phones. Free from their tyranny.

…by buying a new and better phone.

It feels like Microsoft has taken the notions of commodification of dissent to its logical absurd conclusion.

Consumerism is no longer about “conformity” but about “difference.” Advertising teaches us not in the ways of puritanical self-denial (a bizarre notion on the face of it), but in orgiastic, never-ending self-fulfillment. It counsels not rigid adherence to the tastes of the herd but vigilant and constantly updated individualism. We consume not to fit in, but to prove, on the surface at least, that we are rock `n’ roll rebels, each one of us as rule-breaking and hierarchy-defying as our heroes of the 60s, who now pitch cars, shoes, and beer. This imperative of endless difference is today the genius at the heart of American capitalism, an eternal fleeing from “sameness” that satiates our thirst for the New with such achievements of civilization as the infinite brands of identical cola, the myriad colors and irrepressible variety of the cigarette rack at 7-Eleven.

Thomas Frank, Why Johnny Can’t Dissent

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