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Minus 2 Plus 2

“It’s going to be bad ass, like, remember that time when Sisko jumped the ship into the atmosphere of New Caprica to rescue everyone? That was the best fucking episode of DS9. Like that!”

“Um… that was BSG, DS9 was a space station, it was Adama, the Galactica, um, are you ok?”

“Really? Galactica? I mean, you’re probably right, but I don’t know, it just doesn’t seem like something Jaime Escalante would have done.”

It’s making it impossible for me to sleep but I’ve decided to make things on the web again.

It’s starting slowly but I can feel that results aren’t that far away.

I remade this to just pull directly from Flickr and understand why you get to specify a callback function in these urls. It’s little things but my synapses are firing again.

I decided I wanted to learn enough Python to throw a Django app in a few hours to prototype something and then did. Maybe I’ll even finish it.

It’s like these long dormant parts of my brain are reconnecting and rewiring back to repair themselves after years of dumbing down and then my brain is too busy and I can’t sleep. The neighbors deciding to reshingle the roof at 8am hasn’t helped either.

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