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Beware The Wolf

Why I Don’t Play Video Games

Nowadays, games don’t inspire me any more. Space marines, World War 2 soldiers, ninjas, zombies, superheroes, under-cover agents. It seems like the designers are not even trying any more!

I don’t want to be a hero. I don’t want to be a champion. I don’t want to be The One Who Saves The Universe. I don’t want to win - especially not from a computer of which I know it can play the game better than I ever could. I want a real challenge. An emotional and intellectual challenge. A human challenge. Instead of some carefully constructed cat-and-mouse game that only exists to consume my time. Shock me! Give me something unexpected! Show me something beautiful! Seduce me! Confuse me! Stop treating me like a retard who has nothing better to do than pressing buttons and solving puzzles.

There is so much potential in videogames. So much potential for greatness. The medium of videogames is a godsend in these troubling and confusing times. Its intimacy, interactivity, non-linearity and emergence offer us the tool of choice for communicating about very complicated and fascinating contemporary issues. But instead videogames today are simplistic, deal with stale subjects, treat the players like morons and offer no emotional or intellectual depth, in favour of attempting to please your ego on some caveman level at every turn.

Michael Samyn

Samyn is developer of The Path which I finally got around to playing this weekend. It’s so good precisely because it’s a reaction to hating games in this way.

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