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Alternate Babyification

Time travel and alternate timelines are almost always bullshit.

So it’s not that I didn’t enjoy the new Star Trek movie. I just enjoyed it in the same way I enjoyed the Muppet Babies.

Sure, the Muppet Babies had some continuity and plausability problems when considered to be a prequel in the Muppet Show and Muppet Movie universe, but did that make it any less enjoyable?

The whole thing just reminded me of that episode of the Muppet Babies where future Fozzie meets baby Kermit and tells him Fozzie and Kermit will grow up to make the most important television show of all time but only if they build an amusement park in the nursery to keep Waldorf and Statler from falling asleep and committing arson.

That episode was awesome.

(Also, did you know there were 8 seasons of the Muppet Babies? Way more than Star Trek: The Original Series.)

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