by adam mathes
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Love It, Austin

I know that now it’s hip and cool to rag on SXSW Interactive and make fun of it and be ironically detached and say you’re not going, but keep this in mind:

  1. Andre stopped going to SXSW long before you even heard of it. Dakota recently remarked: “If I had known that was the only time Andre was going to SXSW, I would have made more of an effort to hang out with him.” By declaring you are “done” or “over” SXSW you are already too late.

  2. All the other tech conferences are lamer and more expensive and a scam and pretentious bullshit. SXSW Interactive is at least honest. Would you rather go to ETech? I mean, really.

  3. Breakfast tacos

So in defiance, I plan to LOVE THE SHIT out of this year’s SXSW. I won’t even be upset when I see people Twittering on their iPhones about what unofficial parties they’re about to go to.

(Because that means “take two shots” in the SXSW real-time drinking game I’m playing this year.)

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