by adam mathes
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My grandmother tried to teach me how to make pancakes when I was very young. I still have the recipe, it was my first. The most important thing wasn’t the recipe, it was that she didn’t really measure things. This was very confusing to me at as a child. I assumed it was about precision.

No, no, you just sort of eyeball it. You just sort of feel it. That was how she would describe things.

I don’t know if she was trying to say anything deeper with that, but when you’re young everything sort of reverberates, and sticks with you. And I was too tense, too precise, when I was young.

(She told me this explicitly later on when I had grown up, and that I was lots of fun when I was much younger, and then something had changed.)

It took me a long time to understand how sometimes you just eyeball things and go with it, but Grandma had figured it out. She was wise.

I’ll miss her.

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