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For the first time in a long time (8 years? I think?) I “revamped” the look of my sites.

There had been minor changes over the years, but the basic “tiny blue pixel” style of monochromatic icons and tiny Verdana text had been pretty constant.

I’m not much of a designer, but I do care about reading text online, which is mostly what is about, and the context of doing that had changed.

I think I designed the original stuff on maybe 17in. screens at 1024x768 resolution. The tiny type made sense given the constraints, at this point I’m sick of seeing tiny type all over the web. We have more space now! So things are a bit bigger.

Similarly, 16 pixel icons weren’t quite so awful at the time, now the click targets are just painfully small (they’re now padded to 32px x 32px click targets when used.)

I’ve changed too, I guess. Tiny pixellated Verdana isn’t how I write anymore - I think my voice has serifs and more space between the lines.

This is the first time I’ve approached web design as typography (after reading up a bit) and I’m still learning how it all pieces together, but it should… flow better and generally have vertical rhythm from being mostly laid out on a baseline grid. And HTML/CSS is just a much better toolkit for this sort of thing with better browser support than before. Things are a lot better than 1998.

Of course, the sites are still about the adammathes brand, so it was important to revitalize and change while at the same time maintaining brand integrity. So there’s still blue text and some of my old icons are still around, but I guess it should feel more like the grown-up adammathes, less like the college adammathes brand, but hopefully this clean visual style will endure for a few years as well.

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