by adam mathes
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Don't Think Just Post

There’s no edit and delete, there’s just post. By the time the RSS hits the wire it’s too late - delete is an illusion.

It’s just like there’s no unsend. There is only send. There is no undo.

We could build systems where there is undo. Or delete. Or edit. But they’re very hard. Too hard to enforce. Too much centralization. Too scary.

We could build systems where there is undo for a little while. But then we’d have to wait. There would be a delay.

I did build a system like that. Everything here goes into a queue. I can change my mind, at least for a little while.

But we all have to wait.

And that’s not the point. Nobody wants you to edit. Just live in the now and post about the now and be in the moment and that’s all that anybody wants. We are of this moment, we have to understand the moment and be right for the moment and post in the moment. Not post about the past into the future. Nobody wants to wait. Waiting is over.

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