by adam mathes
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Formalwear Distinctions

Now that I’m wearing t-shirts and sports coats on weekdays, I get a lot of… comments.

Which is fine. Most of them are positive, if you count (“hello, professor” and “what are you wearing?!” as positive.)

But I’m slightly perturbed when my coats are referred to as “blazers” since they are not.

Not to be too pedantic, but there is a technical difference – blazers generally being a solid, dark color (navy or black) and having those stupid shiny buttons, and sports coats being a semi-formal jacket meant to complement some non-matching pants and without rows of stupid shiny buttons or family crests or what not.

So obviously my weird 1970’s Brooks Brothers tweed thing is a sports coat, not a blazer.

But this is too much to explain, really, I kind of want to simplify it to, “do I look like some sort of douchebag on a yacht? Then it’s not a fucking blazer.”

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