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Character Classes

I started replaying Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. My original plan was to collect every book in the game and put them in the same room but I probably will lose interest.

It took a great amount of courage to delete my all my savegames and start from scratch. (Something like 110 hours of gameplay gone.)

Since I had never played any Dungeons and Dragons RPG-nerdfest before Oblivion I had a rough start last time.

This time, for example, I knew that armor, in fact, makes your spells less effective! I was planning on going my whole life not knowing that imaginary world rule, but now it’s too ingrained in my head to forget. Being encumbered means you can’t move because you have too much stuff! Etc.

Last time I played as some complicated hybrid speedy blade-wielding magic person but this time I’m just a straight mage.

Why bother with weapons when you can make fire shoot from your fingers? Why crouch and sneak when you can fucking turn yourself invisible?

I’d like to imagine this change towards a simpler, mind-power based character represents some form of self-awareness or growth but it’s stupid RPG-bullshit, so, it probably doesn’t.

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