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You're All My Friends Week, Day Four - Would She Sleep With Me

[ Day four of airing previously pseudo-aired subpar LiveJournal material, this one from the early days of Uber Personals in 2003. ]

So, yeah, of course there’s a script that gives me the information on who clicked the “I’d do him” buttons on my profile. Because what’s the point of having a personals service if you don’t abuse it?

M 25.38 U
M 22.15 U
F 18.78 U
M 18.30 U
F 22.49 U
F 19.41 U
F 18.85 D
F 18.10 U

So there you have it folks… statistically speaking I have to sleep with teenage girls.

(Although, really, none of the people on that list would actually sleep with me.)

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