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You're All My Friends Week, Day Three - punk

[ More previously friends only LiveJournal garbage filler week. This one is from March. ]

Drunkenly screaming along to my old Black Flag records makes me think I may have missed my calling as a bad punk rock band vocalist.

It’s probably just the Bushmills talking though.

I suppose I would have cc’ed Dripmail on the email below, but I never bothered to fix Dripmail, and nobody really contributed to it anyway.

from: Adam Mathes
to: Dakota Smith
date May 21, 2007 9:25 PM
subject commercial #1

Scene: Adam is dancing, sort of, topless, and screaming the lyrics to “Police Story” by Black Flag. He pauses, then eats a giant chunk of brie followed by 4 crackers.

He chews for a while.


Camera pans to an empty bottle of Bushmills.

NARRATOR: Bushmills. It will numb you to the irony of singing punk while eating brie.

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