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You're All My Friends Week, Day One - Invasion

Despite the fact that it’s wrong and immoral, sometimes I write “Friends only” LiveJournal entries.

You probably forgot about that. It makes me a total hypocrite.

And even though this isn’t Diaryland or LiveJournal, this week is all about posting previously friends only material here.

Because we’re all friends, right? You’re all my friends, internet people. I have nothing to hide. Except everything else.

Here we go.

[ Livejournal entry, circa 2004 ]

…Later on, the professor asked what the content was… and it turns out to be a LiveJournal community. The hp100 community. And I was all, what could the hp100 community be? Are there really whole fan fiction communities devoted to Hewlett-Packard? Or maybe it’s actually like a, “the early adventures of William Hewlett and David Packard” (that would be a fucking awesome show, and they could solve mysteries and patent things.)

But it turns out it’s just Harry Fucking Potter.

Fucking LiveJournal.

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