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Anything I Can Get

Now that real “adults” are using Facebook in larger number, and I’m getting Facebook invitations from coworkers, it’s all downhill.

(Not that far downhill, as really Facebook was at best a plateau a few miles above sea level, although Justin disagrees strongly, and he’s smart enough that his perspective shouldn’t be completely ignored.)

I can do a query for women, who share my employer, who are “looking for anything I can get” and get 22 results and that is just too many worlds intersecting in ways I’m not comfortable with.

(Also, that number seems low?)

(Also, what the fuck does that even mean as a status?)

Anyway, I want my online communities small and disconnected. My LiveJournal friends can and should be a disjoint set from my Flickr contacts and real life friends and “pseudo-real life” articulated social network “friends.”

My views that communities should be “local,” and entrance barriers are good and websites are really “places” with local feels are probably just quaint 1996-style notions, all going the way of the single pixel spacer gif.

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